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In Response To Recent Recalls, The Szantho Law Firm Claims Vehicle Maintenance Is Key

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In Response To Recent Auto Recalls, The Szantho Law Firm Advises Regular Maintenance To Help Prevent Mechanical Failures.

Albuquerque, NM, USA – July 31, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ –

A series of recalls has thrust the subject of vehicle mechanical failures into the national spotlight. However, according to The Szantho Law Firm, drivers need to be aware not just of recalls, but to the everyday operation and maintenance of their vehicle in order to prevent accidents due to mechanical failure. They advocate a regular maintenance schedule as a means of both preventing accidents, and also demonstrating that lack of upkeep did not contribute to a crash.

“Unfortunately, proving an accident was caused by failure due to a design or manufacturing defect is often a long and difficult process,” says Andras Szantho, founder of The Szantho Law Firm. “In 2011 less than one percent of accidents in the State of New Mexico were caused by mechanical defect, so investigators have to rule out a number of other possible factors before they can consider it.”

Even in cases where investigators can prove that a mechanical failure caused an accident there are a host of other concerns that must be addressed before they can label it as a defect. The wear of replaceable parts, or indications that a problem existed before an accident that the driver should have noticed have to be taken into account. If improper care of the vehicle exacerbated a problem the driver could still be found at fault in a crash. By following a regular maintenance schedule, and quickly resolving problems with a vehicle, a driver can reduce the possibility that their upkeep was a factor if involved in an accident.

“Proper maintenance of your vehicle is one of the most important elements in preventing mechanical failure,” concludes Szantho. “A good mechanic can alert you to a recall on your vehicle, but, even without a recall, by replacing or repairing worn parts you can avoid problems that could be dangerous on the road.”

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