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TechBits 5-14: Repurposed Cameras

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BIRMINGHAM - AL - A company based in Alabama is re-purposing its camera technology to help with home security.  Moultrie introduced the Trace Premise camera.  It uses infra-red and motion detection technology that had been in cameras for hunters, and applies it to home security.  The camera can capture video in outdoor settings or indoor- but it is not Internet connected, so you can't view or record online.

Re-purposing can also be done by consumers.  D-Link recently introduced its Wi-Fi Baby Camera.  Features aimed at keeping an eye on infants can also be used to keep an eye on your home.  It can record HD quality video with an internal SD card- or on your smart phone or tablet.  There's also two-way audio. The camera has infra-red technology, for keeping an eye on things at night.
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