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Man Arrested for Alleged Rape of Unconscious Woman

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A Tulsa man was arrested Thursday on complaints of first degree rape and rape by instrumentation after allegedly having sex with an unconscious woman Monday night.

The victim reportedly agreed to go over to her boyfriend's apartment on the 4800 block of South Darlington Ave. to have sex with him and his friends, but eventually lost consciousness after having seven shots of alcohol and smoking marijuana.

The police report states the victim had consensual sex with two men before passing out. The victim believed the marijuana she smoked "may have been laced with something."

After she lost consciousness, Willie Jackson, 20, allegedly had sexual intercourse with her. Police obtained cell phone video of the event, reportedly showing the unconscious woman who "appeared to be like a rag doll."

Police showed the video to the victim, who was "shocked" and "emotional" upon viewing it, saying she "did not remember a thing" that she saw on the video.

The victim said she never consented to have sex with Jackson.

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