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Petition Starts To Stop Earthquakes

Petition Starts To Stop Earthquakes

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It's the beauty around that so many could take for granted. Earl Hatley, Clean Energy Future Oklahoma is not one of them. His organization has become increasingly concerned with the earthquakes in Oklahoma.

"I have friends all around the area that's feeling them In the night it's waking them up," says Hatley.

Oklahoma has had its share of earthquakes. Here are the numbers since 2011. They've increased significantly. And this year is already on pace with more than 300 to be last years total.

Hatley who has a science background thinks he knows what's to blame.

"It's the disposal wells that are causing the earthquakes," said Hatley.

Thus his petition drive for a moratorium on deep well injection for one year to stop the earthquakes that he says is due to the frantic development of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas.

TU Geology Professor Dr Bryan Tapp agrees the earthquakes are clustered but is not convinced the earthquakes are tied to fracking. Tapp says there's a process in the oil industry to dewater the production before you can recover the it gets injected.

"The concern is if we are injecting large volumes into sub surface is that getting along faults is that changing pore pressure and contributing to some of these earthquakes," says Tapp.

What Hatley doesn't want to hear is any talk that he issue needs to be studies further.

"Well excuse me but this has been studied to death since the 1980s deep well high pressure injection is already known to cause earthquakes."

To learn more about the petition.

The deadline is June 1, 2014.

The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association says it "supports increased monitoring and geophysical research to provide assurance to landowners and the public that an improved understanding of these subjects is available to all. The intent is to have the necessary information to assess the potential of induced events and understand the actions that can serve to mitigate seismic activity."

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