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Facilitating end of life talks

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Talks about the end-of-life of a loved one can be tough.  Some family members fight having the conversation, but it is one that is very important.  To facilitate that communication, Alacare Home Health and Hospice and the Home Health Fund of Alabama are showing a powerful documentary. "Consider the Conversation" is about issues that accompany the end-of-life of a loved one.  

Once the movie ends, there will be an open panel discussion with local industry professionals.  Those professionals include doctors, counselors, pastors and social workers.  People will have the opportunity to ask any questions.  The intimate panel will talk about the film and related topics Saturday, April 5th at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater at the Alacare School of Fine Arts.  The free event begins at 6:00 p.m.

The documentary co-producers Mike Bernhagen and Terry Kaldhusdal will be in attendance.  If you are interested in attending the viewing or learning more about it, call 205-981-8474.  You can also go to www.alacare.com.

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