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Snow helped deputies capture alleged ATV thieves

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   This week's snow event played a role in the capture of three men whom authorities say stole another man's ATV from his front yard.

   It happened Wednesday.  Chancey Samples says he was helping his daughter inside his home in the Chandler Crossing Community of Tuscaloosa County.  When Samples heard loud noises outside - he ran to the window to see what was going on.

    Authorities say Jeremy Porter, Adam Wells and Bryan Cain all in a white Pickup Truck had latched onto a trailer with Samples ATV on it.   "My neighbor heard it too and he was wondering what was going on and he ran out.  I had my daughter and it was still too icy so I wasn't about to chase them," said Samples.  He called 911.

    The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's helicopter was already in the air at the time evaluating road conditions after the snow.  A Coaling police officer on the ground spotted the suspects but they sped away leading him on a chase.  The helicopter was able to keep track of the suspects vehicle until other police units cornered the suspects.

     "Had it not been for the snow and our helicopter up for that purpose, we probably would have never caught them [the suspects]," said Chief Deputy Ron Abernathy.

     All three have been charged with theft and already have criminal histories.  Two, Porter and Wells were out on bond on similar charges.  Wells had just been released from jail last week.

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