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New jobs for Fayette

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    More than a dozen new jobs are way to Fayette County.

    Governor Robert Bentley was on hand for the ribbon cutting of the Fayette Fabrication plant.  It will make and refurbish specialized racks that auto suppliers use to transport parts to automobile manufacturers.

    Local businessman, Mark McClanahan is starting up the plant and will become the first to do so inside Fayette's new 180,000 square feet incubator.  "We don't have any contracts, rather purchase orders and places like Mercedes were initiators and said please come, so now we're here."

   The company has hired six workers to begin with but plans to hire a total 50 employees over the next two years.

    While its a small start-up, the 50 new jobs are huge for rural Fayette. "50 jobs for Fayette are like a thousand jobs for mobile because that's 50 families that will be fed," said Governor Robert Bentley