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Update: Man found dead under house in Center Point identified

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We now know the name of a man who was found dead in a chair under his ex-wife's house in Center Point.

The body of Fred Douglas Williams was discovered Friday. The discovery has lots of neighbors talking.

"It shook everybody up because you never know what goes on behind closed doors."

So many unanswered questions after a plumber found the body of 56-year-old Fred Douglas Williams under his ex wife's house.

"She had a leak under her sink, that's what she told me."

Mary Margaret Hampton spoke to her neighbor after the discovery. "She didn't have any idea he'd been under there. She just said, I can't believe he was there."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says the couple divorced in 2011 and described Williams as a transient who was staying with different friends.

Authorities also say his ex-wife last saw him Christmas Eve when he stopped by.

However, it's unclear when he went into the crawl space or how long he had been down there.

Hampton says "I'm not sure why he went under there unless it was so cold that night that he was just trying to get out of the cold and went under the house to stay warm, and we got a little warm, passed out and just died."

The coroners office says Williams death was the result of natural causes, possibly including exposure, complicated by asthma and hypertension.

We tried to talk to William's ex wife, but she did not want to go on camera.





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