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Fire victim loses mother, home, and memories

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A heartbreaking Christmas Eve for families living in a Birmingham apartment complex.  Late Christmas Eve morning, the "Uptown Apartments" near the BJCC caught fire leaving around 18 families displaced.  We went back to the scene Thursday and found a man who not only had water damage from the fire - but the next day was burglarized.

"Lots of water damage," Alexander Dubose, whose home was damaged said. "Everything is ruined."

For Alexander Dubose, the Christmas season has been nothing but heartbreaking.  While he attended his mothers funeral, the units above his apartment burned.  When he came back from the funeral, he found his home in shambles.

"As you can see, the whole apartment is soaked," Dubose said. "Clothes ruined."

The water destroyed almost everything he owns. Including the pictures hanging on the walls of his mother who passed away. And what the water didn't soak, burglars took last night. Including all the electronic pictures of his mom.

"I had - the pictures in the other area were ruined," he said. "Just wrinkled up with the water damage, smoke damage and so forth. It was kind of emotional. It was hard. I guess it can't get any worse from here." 

Around 18 families - like Alexander- lost their homes Christmas Eve.

"It's sad because all of the children's Christmas toys are inside," Jackie McCafferty, a resident said.

"I lost everything," Perinda Sutton, a resident said. "I have nothing. Nothing at all."

Alexander' says his plan now is to salvage whatever is left - and move out.

"It's been hard," Dubose said. "A lot of people didn't have any place to go. They're in shelters. Spending the Christmas in shelters - all their Christmas gifts were burned and destroyed, so it's been hard for everyone."

The apartment building owner is working with residents to find them alternative housing.  Police tell us today, no charges have been filed in the case yet but it has been determined arson. A person is behind bars in connection with the fire. The cause is still under investigation.


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