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Fairfield City Council discusses stolen city property

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Fairfield Police are investigating a theft of city property.

City council members called a special meeting to question city leaders.

Fairfield Mayor, Kenneth Coachman says, "I think it's a travesty."

A special called Fairfield City Council meeting - got a little heated over some stolen property and how the situation is being handled.

Mayor Kenneth Coachman "It's not uncommon for the cities to lose equipment .For what we're here for, It's under investigation. Fairfield Police are doing an internal investigation as it relates to the theft of  property."

Mayor Coachman says a bush hog and tractor were stolen from the sanitation department on October 28th. He says it's not the first time something has been stolen from the city - but he would not go into any further details.

Council member Willie Hardly Junior says the Mayor hasn't shared a lot of information with the council.

"We need to come to a point of trying to get something done."

Darnell Gardner, Council President, questioned the mayor, and sanitation departments heads about the stolen property. Hardly wants to know more details about what exactly happened.

Hardly says "We're hearing all kind of lies being told right now about the equipment. some equipment was stolen in March & April, it's an ongoing thing, it needs to stop."

The mayor says he's unable to discuss the case because he doesn't want to jeopardize the investigation.

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