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Recipe Dec 10

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Risotto (for 2 ppl) – basic recipe



4 teaspoons of olive oil


1 medium shallot (small diced)


3 cups of rice (MUST BE Arborio or Carnaroli kind)


1 cup dry white wine


1/3 gl of stock (can be vegetarian, chicken or beef)


½ cup of grated parmesan cheese






¼ cup of butter


In a pan, over medium/high heat the oil, add the shallot and let it cook until soft. at this point you can add whatever ingredient that you want to flavor the risotto (mushrooms, peas, etc) then add rice and stir it for a couple of minutes (you need to toast the rice, so the pan should not have any liquid inside – the drier the better!!) after two minutes of toasting the rice add the wine and let it cook off. Add the stock, in the beginning enough to cover the rice, then enough to keep it cover. After eight minutes of cooking stop adding the broth. keep stirring the rice, do not let 30 seconds go by without stirring it! after eight minutes you should have a rice with  a very limited amount of liquid. Remove it from the heat and add butter and cheese. Let it sit for one minute without touching it. After that stir the rice with the butter and cheese, taste it to make sure that the risotto is seasoned (you do not want to add salt and/or pepper during the cooking – you are using the broth which is salted already. Serve it and eat pretty quickly, and…Buon Appetito!