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Mt. Laurel area grows due to low sales tax

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Holiday shopping is here and a small Shelby County community is emerging as a hot-spot for savings. Mount Laurel's secret is its 5 percent sales tax rate.

Mt. Laurel is one of the Birmingham metro's newest communities. It sits between Chelsea and Greystone. It may be small, but it's drawing in people from all across Central Alabama. 

"The pub is here, we have our little Chinese place, and the tea room which fits in with my business really well," Colleen Hopwood, Bella Couture Owner said.

Colleen Hopwood opened her business in the heart of Mt. Laurel 8 years ago.

Along with the couture dresses...

"Whenever you get to the counter and you're buying a $2-3,000 wedding gown and you find out tax is only five percent," Hopwood said.

That low sales tax means a savings of around $150 on one of those dresses.

"For my business especially it does make a big difference," Hopwood said. "You're making a big purchase and it's five percent because we're in unincorporated Shelby County."

Not being incorporated means no local sales tax and that's helping many Mt. Laurel businesses grow.

"Shrimp and grits, bar none," Leah Harrison, Co-Owner, Stone's Thrown Bar and Grill said. "Everyone says they're the best!"

Tonight, the Stone's Throw Bar and Grill is hosting a corporate dinner out of downtown Birmingham - business owners who planned their meeting out in Mt. Laurel.

"It's a great place to come from Birmingham," Harrison said. "It's a destination location and it's kind of different than the mainstream."

"It's only 5% sales tax which is fantastic so you're getting a deal every time you come out to eat," Harrison said.

Dan Ohlerking  recently moved to Mt Laurel - he says the sales tax is an added bonus to the community.

"Coming up here a lot is great, it's quiet but there's stuff here we can walk to and I like that a lot," Ohlerking said.

"It's kind of like an upscale Mayberry!" Hopwood said.

In addition to the new businesses, hundreds of new homes are being built next door.  Three new neighborhoods are going-up and families are beginning to move in this holiday season.


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