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Could drones soon be delivering packages to your door?

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Orders from Amazon may one day be delivered by drones. FAA rule changes could legalize the flights in 2015.

"I've been into building models since I was age 6 in Switzerland just building flow gliders and plastic kits," Jeremy Hartmann, Owner, Model Box said.


"Anyone can learn to fly on radio controlled planes - it's small but all in one box," Hartmann said.

These drones are moving from toys to sources of aerial video and pictures and may even evolve to Amazon package delivery.

"I think if people see these things, it's just a matter of time before they'll do some target practice," Hartmann said.

He says, while the drones are fun to build and take great pictures and video, the ability to land on your doorstep just isn't there yet.

"What happens if something goes wrong and they do," Hartmann said. "It's happened with the Army stuff, it's happened with the guys we fly with and the large stuff, and if something comes down and hits somebody, you're pretty well liable."

"I'm telling you, that technology is here today," Dr. Jim Griffin, Executive Director, Southern Museum of Flight said. "It's not five years away." 

"We're taking all those technologies and we're putting them into the ability to navigate to someone's home through GPS, to navigate around objects by GPS," Griffin said.

There are already flight restrictions in place for unmanned aircraft keeping them from interfering with air traffic.

"I think there are a lot of things that have to be worked out possibly with the FAA, the manufacturers of the drones and the people who operate the drones," Griffin said. "Just keep in mind, as far back as the Wright Brothers, people were worried about the flying machines falling out of the sky." 

"So from now on you'll probably have your eye in the sky, which wont be a guy in a helicopter or plane anymore, but one of these!" Hartmann said.



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