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JeffCo ratepayer attorney files notice of appeal in bankruptcy court

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An attorney for a group of Jefferson County sewer users took the first step towards appealing the confirmation of the county's bankruptcy plan. Sunday, Calvin Grigsby filed notice of an appeal in federal bankruptcy court.

Immediately following the court's approval of Jefferson County's exit plan on November 21, Grigsby said he would appeal the decision and was already working on it.

"30 percent of all of the people in Birmingham on the system are on fixed incomes, Social Security. So if you're going to raise rates - a gross of $140 million to $660 million, those people are not going to be able to pay their bills three, four, ten years out," said Grigsby that day.

Grigsby failed in earlier attempts to have nearly 1.4 billion dollars of debt erased. That debt came from illegal swap deals. He felt sewer users shouldn't have to pay for the sins of others.

The county's bankruptcy plan refinances 1.8 billion dollars of sewer debt repaid through sewer rate increases. The sale of new warrants and the official exit from bankruptcy will take place Tuesday.

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