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Problems discovered within another JeffCo department

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Old problems are being tackled, but new ones keep catching Jefferson County Commissioners by surprise. Tuesday, they learned about issues with the Office of Senior Services.

The problems are similar to ones that plagued Cooper Green stemming from expired contracts. 

The commission approved a measure to pay nearly 200 thousand dollars to vendors. It was for services provided to the Office of Senior Services between October 1 and November 26 after 16 contracts expired. It was the first time for the commission to hear about the contracts.

They also discovered contracts requiring additional employees didn't go before the personnel board. Some of the positions fell under the merit system.

"A lot of things have been ignored. I thought after two years, everything would be solved but we are still finding problems," said Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos.

Earlier this year, the state identified contract reporting problems within the department.

Commission President David Carrington says the commissioners will tackle the problems as they are brought to their attention.

Commissioner Jimmie Stephens hopes to improve communications in the future.

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