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Trending topics 11/12

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Here's some of what's trending online for Tuesday, November 12, 2013.

Tallest Building in the United States...

One World Trade Center in New York City took a title away from the Willis Tower in Chicago.    It will be America's tallest building when completed.

The height committee of the council on tall buildings and urban habitat has been studying whether a design change means the needle atop One World Trade Center is part of the actual building or merely the equivalent of a broadcast antenna.

That needle is symbolically important. It makes the building 1,776 feet tall. Without it, the building would have been 83 feet shorter than the Willis Tower.

Chicago Sinkhole

A sink hole swallowed up part of a Chicago street. The 20-by-80 foot hole appeared just a few yards away from a couple of houses.  A broken pipe is to blame.

John Lennon Detention Sheets

He may have sung about peace and love, but John Lennon was apparently a "bad boy." 

A pair of the late Beatle's detention sheets show him being punished for "fighting in class," ''shoving" and being a general nuisance.

The sheets from Quarry Bank High School for boys in Liverpool are to be sold online later this month.

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