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2.99 a gallon!

2.99 a gallon!

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Hoover , AL -

 Yes I saw it with my own eyes!   I was on a break and needed gasoline.  In fact, I was traveling on fumes to get the best buy on the fuel I could find.  As I was pumping, I thought I had stopped at the place offering gas for 3.08.  I thought I was being pretty wise.  But when I looked at the price on the pump, I had to take a double take!  It said 2.99 for regular.

  A voice said hey this is great!  2.99 a gallon.  The man next to me said, " I haven't seen gas this cheap in awhile." 

  In fact I looked around and everyone at the gas station was smiling!  Oh if it could just keep going down what a world it would be!

    But for now the location is the Jet Pep on Highway 31 in Hoover across from the Galleria.

So happy gasoline pumping!

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