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Travelers on edge after LAX shooting

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A shooting at Los Angeles International Airport Friday that left one TSA agent dead and two others injured sent shock waves across the country, even leaving travelers in Birmingham on edge.

"I think it's concerning," says Katie Grayson, who is keeping a closer eye on the people around her following the shooting. "We want to be as secure as we can be everywhere we go."

Airport spokesperson Toni Bast says there were no direct flights to LAX and passenger safety is the airport's top priority every day. Currently, there are no changes in regards to security.

Traveler Michael Neal says, "Security at the airport is good on the inside but on the outside, not so much."

Neal says he would like to see armed forces patrol airports as shootings like the one at LAX become more and more common.

"It is sad to me that it has become such a common occurrence. But, I think that there's a lot of work to do, and to figure out what the right solution is," says Grayson.

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