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Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office round up sex offenders on Halloween night

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Tonight registered sex offenders in Tuscaloosa County have a required place to be. This is part of the plan to keep young trick-or-treaters safe. 

Tonight between 6 and 10 p-m some 290 registered sex offenders will be under the watchful eyes of law enforcement from the Tuscaloosa  County Sheriff's Office.

Parents are breathing a little easier.

"It's a lot of them out here. And I don't think it's safe," said Darlene Calhoun. 

Calhoun has two grandchildren. She says any time they are outside playing in the neighborhood, she worries. She has good reason. She lives on 29th place. Just one street over, on 30th Place, live at least fifteen registered sex offenders.

But from 6 to 10 tonight the neighborhood gets a reprieve.

"The sex offenders in Tuscaloosa county will be reporting to the Tuscaloosa county sheriff's office hanger out near the airport tonight," said Chief Deputy Ron Abernathy.

Abernathy says the meeting serves a dual purpose. One is to refresh the sex offenders on the law and restrictions as it relates to their offense. The other reason is quite obvious.

"This will give us an opportunity to make the citizens out here feel safer and try to make it a safer environment for those families out there trick or treating," said Abernathy.

Jane Mayhew also lives on 29th Place with her young son. She was pleased to hear about the plan.

"They don't need to be out here right about now when those kids are out here around seven at night,"said Mayhew.

While the sheriff's office will do its part, Abernathy urges parents to be proactive as well.

"Family members and citizens out here should go to the Tuscaloosa county website and go under the sex offender module and determine where sex offenders are here based on where they are going to be going tonight trick or treating," he said.


For more information on sex offenders in your area, Abernathy encourages parents to visit http://www.tcsoal.org/


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