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Should weight determine whether a child gets candy for Halloween

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Harken back to those Halloween nights when trick-or-treaters went door-to-door, through countless neighborhoods collecting candy. When all the treats were dumped out on the kitchen table at the end of the evening, nobody reached for the apple some good soul had dropped in the bag. It was the Baby Ruth, Snickers, Nestle Crunch caught your eye.

Dentists get it. Most will say let the child have several pieces of candy Halloween night followed by a good brushing of the teeth. Then, in following days, parents should dole out a piece or two of candy after a meal as a treat. The bottom line is that a child wants candy on Halloween!

One woman in North Dakota has appointed herself the keeper of the candy for trick-or-treaters knocking on her door. She will give a treat to a skinny child, but to any child she deems moderately obese, a letter will go in the bag.

The letter is addressed to the child's parents. It will tell them it is irresponsible to allow a fat child to go out in search of free candy. This woman believes everyone must help fight childhood obesity.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Katie Gordon, studies eating disorders. She strongly disagrees with this woman's tactics. Dr. Gordon says children are vulnerable and something like this could trigger major problems.

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