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4 hour standoff in Birmingham ends peacefully

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Birmingham Police have peacefully ended a four-hour standoff in downtown Birmingham.  Around 7:30 Wednesday morning, the suspect came out of his apartment on 24th Street South.  The standoff started with a call to police.

ABC 33/40 spoke with a woman who says she is the mother of the suspect.  The woman stated her son had been out drinking and did not have a key to the apartment.  The man tried climbing in the window and someone called police to report a break-in, she tells us.

Police on the scene say the man refused to come out of the apartment, so they called out additional units and negotiators.  Although no reports of weapons were given, officers say they had to take all precautions.  Ten apartment buildings were blocked off by crime scene tape until the stand-off ended.

The suspect came out of the apartment around 7:30 a.m.  He was eventually handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car.  Neighbors shouted, "we love you, Slim" as he got into the car.  Officers tell us the man is going for evaluation at a nearby hospital.

So far, no word on what, if any charges will be filed.

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