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Man charged with murder appears before judge; in statement says killing was an accident.

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Looking forward and sitting close to his attorney, Justin McConico appeared before a judge in a pre-trial hearing Monday. McConico, 23, is charged with killing his girlfriend Sara Mitchell, 20. 

Her body was found in a dumpster in Oxford after she had been reported missing.

In court, a Birmingham police detective laid out a timeline of events.  According to the investigator, McConico and Mitchell got into an argument that escalated and became physical. McConico hit Mitchell knocking her out as she fell to the ground.  He then put Mitchell into the trunk of a car where she died. 

"Both of them were hitting each other. He hit her and either she became unconscious," said Emory Anthony, McConico's attorney. 

The detective stated, while on the stand, that when investigators spoke with McConico he admitted to killing Mitchell but said it was unintentional.

"[He] never intended to kill this young lady.... she was the best friend, best person he had ever met. And there's no intent," said Anthony. 

The judge issued a bond of $250,000.00, which Anthony called 'reasonable'.  Mitchell's relatives said McConico should not have been offered bond and that he should spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

The case now moves to a grand jury. 


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