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Taking the stress out of homework

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    Lots of students and families ''stress'' about homework.  but, it doesn't have to be such an emotional burden each night.
      Psychologists say the first step to overcoming homework stress is to have a plan.
     Give them a chance to unwind after school.
     After a half-hour to get a snack and relax, start the homework right away.
     You can also schedule a certain hour of the day, like "homework hour" or set a goal, like, homework will be done before dinner.
     When it comes to really big assignments, here's some advice.
 Dr. Kate Eshleman, of the Cleveland Clinic says, "So, if they are worried about getting a certain grade on a project or getting it done by a certain time, talking through that, looking at the steps to completing that and putting a plan in place."

  Dr. Eshleman says to let your children know you're there to help, without doing the work for them.
     Getting them organized will alleviate homework stress significantly.

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