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After Roof Fire Union School Will Be Ready for the First Day

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Several schools started back for the first day on today and Union Public Schools begin on Monday, but one of their schools remains under repairs. The eighth grade center is in need of a new roof.

Just three weeks go that school was hit by lightening causing a fire in one part of the roof. The schools principal said it was a site when she arrived.

"I was kind of speechless. It kind of throw me because I walked up to this building that I love so much it was a little shocking," Principal Marla Robinson said.

Robinson has been the principal at the eighth grade center for seven years now and says the last three weeks have been challenging.

"They have spent a lot of time replacing the carpets, painting the walls, getting the smoke out of the ventilation system," Robinson said.

Robinson has never worked in a building that had fire damage. Two computer classes, a reading, math, and a science class were all affected, but Robinson said it was really just smoke and water damage.

"You think about the fire and the flames we saw that night, it's very surprising it didn't cause more structure damage," Robinson said.

Books and computers were in the affected classrooms and none of them were damaged. There are a few touches that still need to be made inside, but the focus is now on the roof and since the teachers have less time to prepare their classrooms so students can expect some changes.

"We are going to shorten our classes and have longer passing periods," Robinson said. "After our assembly, we will have locker time, for lack of a better word, because you have to make sure your locker works and figure all of that out."

Robinson said they will ease the students in each day to longer classes and less passing periods.

"I think they are a little anxious and nervous because they haven't been able to spend some time in the classroom part where all the damage was," Robinson said. "I think there will be a lot of nerves on the first day."

Crews will work through the weekend to get the roof repairs done by Monday. Robinson said if by chance it's not complete they will only work before and after school.

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