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Indiana Organization, Tulsa Radio Show Collect Items for Moore Children

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A few dolls, board games and even some race cars were put on a truck and sent to Moore this morning.

It happened back in May but plenty of organizations are still collecting items for those needing them after the tornado struck the town in May. And this morning, KVOO and bid farewell to a truck filled with toys for children in Moore.

"It's so gratifying to put smiles back on children's faces," member Jim Davis said. "They're so innocent, they don't pick where they live, they don't pick the weather. I know it affects them for many years to come when a tornado devastates their home. We feel like the sooner we can bring that back, the better off they'll be in the future." formed in Indiana back in 2012 when a tornado hit a local town. Davis was in Tulsa on his way to Moore and KVOO had just wrapped up a donation drive to give cash to teachers in Moore to pay for school supplies and other necessities for their classrooms.

Davis and his organization will arrive in Moore this evening.

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