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City Councilors May Choose Alternatives Over Brady Street Name Change

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City councilors are expected to make a decision on changing the name of Brady Street, tonight. The issue surrounds Tate Brady for whom the street is named and his alleged racism in early Tulsa.

But now we are learning that city councilors could consider another solution, that city councilors could be mapping out totally new plan. City councilors postponed last weeks vote to change the Brady Street name. They were tied and needed absent councilor Phil Lakin to cast a decisive vote.

Lakin explained he will push for an alternative, tonight. City councilors are split on the name change and so are Tulsans, about changing it back to the original consideration, of Burlington.

Lakin says changing the name or not, will not satisfy everyone. "I think in the end, you won't see a vote up or down on Brady or Burlington. I think you will see something different that expands that idea a little bit," said Lakin.

Jack Henderson says he will make a motion to vote, and see where it goes from there. "The only solution that I am going to settle for is we either change the name or we don't," he explained.

City councilors will consider all directions this would go. And they could vote on a solution tonight.

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