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Owasso Mascot Taking Break for Much Needed Repairs

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One of Owasso's favorite personalities is in Atlanta after years of cheering on children at local sporting events.

Owasso mascot, Rambo, was shipped to Georgia is currently undergoing some much needed TLC for the new school year. And Trails End BBQ owner, John Cash, is one resident helping to raise the $2,000 needed to get Rambo back in shape.

“The mascot has not been cleaned in the last five to seven years, it smells like major body odor and vomit, the hands and feet are falling off and the paint is faded. No kid should have to wear that in the blazing heat,” Cash said.

The costume will be shipped back to the company who made it in Atlanta and they will make the necessary changes, according to the article by the Owasso Reporter, Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner.

“The mascot will receive new hands and feet, some stitching, repainted eyes, a neck coolant and an ice vest to keep the person cool while wearing it," Cash said. "And most importantly, it will be cleaned and deodorized,”

Along with the repairs and additions to the mascot, it also will come with a rolling storage bag so students do not have to carry the 50-pound costume between games.

“We hope these changes will hold up for several more years before a complete new costume will be needed. At the fundraiser there will also be a jar people can donate cash if they don’t want to eat, but want to help. Any money that exceeds $2,000 will be given to Owasso Community Resources,” Cash said.

Beginning Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 24, $1 from every chicken and pulled pork sandwich and $2 from every chicken and pulled pork meal will be donated from Trails End BBQ.

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