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Issues Between Cyclists, Motorists Continue on Highway 97

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In the last several weeks there have been a couple of problems during the Wednesday night rides along Highway 97.

For the most part, a stretch of Highway 97 is two lanes. That means you have to share the road while you're on the road and for some that's not happening.

"Last week they laid out a bunch of tacks," local cyclist Kendall Johnson said. "We probably had 50 flat tires."

And that's not the only thing that's happening.

"Some of these guys will run people off the road and it's just gotten more frequent," Johnson said.

He added that he thinks the best idea is to change the roads they go on.

"I want to have a safe ride. I don't care if it's down this road or that road. If they don't want us there, fine we will go somewhere else."

Even though the problems have happened in Osage County, the Sand Springs Police Department wants to get everyone on the same page.

"There are certain residents that have been affected by the Wednesday night ride," Deputy Chief Michael Carter said. "It makes it longer to get home, they have seen activity from cyclists wether breaking traffic laws or other conduct they don't appreciate that has lead to frustration."

And the cyclists have some frustrations as well

"We have the cyclists that don't feel like their activity is respected as a legitimate form of transportation on the street," Carter added.

Since both sides are suppose to follow all the rules of the road, it's now time to get them in the same room.

"The people who are upset about the situations need to get together and need to understand each side is made up of human beings," Carter said. "People have their wants and wishes and we need to get them together to talk about that."

There are the rules of passing with more than three feet and the cyclists should stop at all stop signs. If you do get frustrated while on the road, Carter said you shouldn't take matters in your own hands.

"We don't want anyone engaging in criminal conduct. Because a moment of being mad might lead to repercussions that last you a life time."

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