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Counselor Speaks Out On Effects of the Fight Over Baby Veronica

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Baby Veronica is growing up, despite the legal battle of her custody. But with all of the media hype, it could be hard for her to live a normal life.

Oklahoma has nearly 1200 children waiting to be adopted. Veronica has two families fighting over her. But one counselor says it's really one big family---because Veronica has brought them together.

She will always be Baby Veronica to the world, which has been watching her go from one family to another, her whole life.  The effects of this battle will be captured on Google and the internet in years to come.

Carol Patten, a licensed clinical social worker, says it's important for her to have stability and support, no matter which party is rewarded custody.

Patten also says an open adoption could help, since Veronica has spent half of her life, with each side.

Patten is an adoption counselor who adopted three bi-racial children during the 770'sas a single mom. She is concerned about adoptions today.

"I hope it does not affect adoptions because there are many kids who need adoptions who need this permanence in their life to be able to develop the way they should," said Patten, who currently counsels non traditional families, as they adopt.

This time next year, Veronica could be enrolling in school. The question is where will she enroll?

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