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Trash Talk Gets Political

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The massive grinder at the Green waste center makes short work of entire trees, and unfortunately something similar was happening to the bags that contain your yard waste.

"The de-bagger machine is not working right. Instead of taking the bag off, it's shredding the bag and then contaminating the system, then it ain't working," said Tulsa city councilor and TARE board member David Patrick.

So the yard waste has been going to the incinerator, which has spurred another type of trash talk.

"I think it's a failure of leadership by Mayor Bartlett," said mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor, laying the blame on her opponent.

"We were told that we were paying $1.10 a month to pick up our green waste to do something positive with it and in fact, we weren't, so over 116,000 households have been giving the mayor a million dollars that's literally gone up in flames," she said.

"TARE looks at it as they still got their bags picked up, they still provided service to them, they just didn't go to the green waste site like it originally; ended up going to the burn center," said Patrick.

All of which can be as head spinning as the top of that grinder.

"I must say I preferred it in the old days when whatever you put out there they would take, and there wasn't all the fuss," said Tulsa resident John Jolly.

The TARE board is looking at where to go from here, and Kathy Taylor has a suggestion.

"I'm really here to talk to the tar board and say to suspend that green waste and recycling fee immediately, until citizens have confidence that they're getting what they paid for," she said.

The mayor's office says the mayor has given all of his comments on this matter until staff makes recommendations to TARE and a decision is made by TARE.

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