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Retired TPD Detective Reflects on Bulger Case

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It was a case that spanned nearly his entire career with the Tulsa police department.

"This is the longest case that I can recall, absolutely the longest I've been involved in," said retired Tulsa police homicide detective Mike Huff.

On the walls of his home office, framed benchmarks.

"That was about 10 years ago where David Wheeler and I were testifying before Congress about FBI corruption related to this case," he said, commenting on the front page of a Boston Herald.

Corruption that made the case difficult to investigate, and a topic that would even play a role as recently as a few weeks ago.

"In this particular trial I was subpoenaed, the Marshals showed up and gave me a subpoena from the defense," he said.

That's right, Whitey Bulger's defense team was hoping to use former Detective Huff to help their client. How?

"You know, I think they were gonna try to cloud the issue with talking about FBI corruption. That didn't have anything to do. This guy was an evil murderer, and those acts stood alone, regardless of the FBI corruption," he said.

He didn't end up testifying, but should Bulger ever face his day in court here...

"These guys chose to come to Tulsa because they thought we would never solve the case and it proved them wrong, so I would like to be able to thumb our nose at them and say hey we solved this case, we'd love to see you go to McAlester, that would be very fitting for that evil old man," he said.

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