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Weekend birthday party turns violent

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     Tuscaloosa County investigators are trying to determine if the alleged shooter in a weekend birthday party shooting intentionally shot his own friend.  That friend is in critical condition.

      18-year old Stanley Walker, Jr. is already charged with attempted murder of a 27-year old woman and 18-year old male.

     Both, were attending the backyard party in the 500 block of Bear Creek Road late Friday night.  Police say Walker got into a heated argument with someone, when he pulled a handgun and shot into the ground.

      Then, they believe Walker went to his car, pulled out a semi-automatic rifle and fired into the crowd randomly hitting three people, one his friend.

      Walker and his injured friend fled but he wrecked his vehicle a short distance away and returned to the shooting scene on foot where he was arrested.

     Lt. Kip Hart says it is possible Walker could be charged with attempted murder of his own friend.  Right now, he only faces two counts for the other two people charged.



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