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Tulsa Ranked #1 Lowest Rent

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It may be hard to believe but Tulsa has been ranked as the #1 Apartment Guide has ranked Tulsa tops when it comes to cities with the lowest rent.

In Tulsa, the survey found you get more perks, more bang for your buck. Tulsa has luxurious living at a bargain, compared to other cities, according the study.

People want space like what is seen at Estancia Luxury Apartment Homes, located at 77th and Mingo.  The manager says applicants want something new that no one has lived in. As a result  of demand, apartment complexes have to be competitive and with that has come lower rates.  At Estancia their one bedroom goes for about $759 with a lease. That's enough to catch the attention of Apartment Guide and make Tulsa #1 for luxurious apartments for less.

"It says Tulsa is doing great. I hear a lot of people say they moved here because the pricing is reasonable. T:hey can get an apartment for a lot less than they can get in other cities, you know for example New York, California," said Leigh Keller, manager of Estancia.

For $899, you can get a two bedroom apartment. If that sounds like a lot, you do get a washer and dryer full size included. Residents also enjoy a full exercise gym, a tanning bed, a game room, a theater room and a business office.

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