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Being Safe When Heading Back to School

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It's time to start thinking about slowing down in school zones. Hundreds of kids are heading back to the classroom this week and drivers need to remember to look for the flashing lights signaling a school zone.

The Broken Arrow Police Department uses their 'Back to School Bash' to remind residents and students of safety tips.

"School zone tickets are not cheap. We want the kids to be safe, but if you hit their pocket, it might be that one more incentives to slow down a little bit," Broken Arrow Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist Lisa Ford said.

One tip to remember is to know which house your child will be passing and where the bus will stop on the route home.

"Find the routes they are going to take, if they are walking, riding their bike, riding the bus, make sure they know all the travel directions," Broken Arrow Police Officer, Daniel Hurst said.

Don't allow your child to walk or bike to school alone. Ford suggests maybe asking an elderly neighbor who walks in the neighborhoods anyway to volunteer to walk the group of students to school.

Hurst said at the schools they notice that students try and hangout outside before coming in.

"When you are dropped at school, you need to go into school. Schools are the safest place and that's what they are designed for. They aren't designed to hangout in the neighborhoods before you get there," Hurst said.

Drivers also need to pay attention to stopped buses with signs indicating traffic to stop.

"No matter which direction you are, if it's a four lane street and there is four lanes of traffic then all four lanes need to stop," Ford said.

In Broken Arrow, if a bus driver writes down your tag number for speeding or passing a bus when their stop sign is out, you will get a warning letter from the police department.

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