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Baby Veronica's Dad 'Shocked, Saddened' By Adoption

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Veronica with her birth father, Dusten Brown. Veronica with her birth father, Dusten Brown.
Veronica's adoptive parents, the Capobiancos. Veronica's adoptive parents, the Capobiancos.

The adoption of 'baby Veronica' was finalized in a South Carolina family court Wednesday, after years of court battles that will likely continue.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco have been trying to adopt 3-year-old Veronica since her birth and raised her for two years, but Veronica moved to the Cherokee Nation in 2011 after a South Carolina court ruled in favor of her being raised by her father.

Thursday, Veronica's father Dusten Brown released the following statement to KTUL:

"Our family is shocked and deeply saddened that the SC Supreme Court has refused to allow Veronica's best interest to be considered.  Even worse, that Court issued an Order they acknowledge will cause my daughter to suffer harm. The Court gave its blessing to the transition plan offered by the Capobiancos that says upon transfer to them, Veronica will be "fearful, scared, anxious, confused."  They say she will likely become quiet and withdrawn and may cry herself to sleep.  That the transfer will cause her to suffer "grief" and "loss" and she will feel "rejected" by me and her family.  They say it will leave her with many, "unanswered questions."  I will not voluntarily let my child go through that, no parent would. I am her father and it is my job to protect her. My family and I continue to pray that the justice system will bring justice to Veronica.

To Matt and Melanie Capobianco I want to say this,  Please, for Veronica's sake, just stop.  Stop, and ask yourself if you really believe this is best for her."

Several American Indian groups have filed federal lawsuits.

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