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TechBits: product updates (7.24.13)

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A couple of companies previously featured on TechBits are upgrading products we've showed you before.

Seagate has added pass through wi-fi to its wireless external hard drives.  The line is now re branded as Wireless Plus.  You can use them to share your data with other people wirelessly, or even surf the web while still connected to the drive.  That's a big plus for people who had to reconnect when switching between their data and online content.

FreedomPop is also re branding its personal hotspots.  The new Overdrive Pro will automatically step down from 4G to 3G when the faster connection is not available.  That means it can be used in the Birmingham area, which currently isn't served by the network's 4G service.  Data is still free until the user hits a cap.  Users will also pay a deposit for the unit, instead of buying it outright.  The new Overdive Pro has extra additions.  An LCD screen gives connection info and a tally of the amount of data used.  The unit also has a MicroSD slot, allowing a user to store data which can be shared with other users. 

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