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Center of the Universe Festival is Ready for You to Enjoy Live Music and Beat the Heat

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The final preparations are underway for the Center of the Universe Festival in the Brady Arts District. The live free music starts Friday July, 19th at 5 p.m. outside the Cain's Ballroom and at the Guthrie Green.

With hot July temperatures, organizers said they came up with cool ways to keep Tulsans coming. So, they put in a place to beat the heat.

"People need to be smart and plan for the heat and enjoy an outdoor water park that we have set up to keep people cool," festival spokesperson Jesse Boudiette said.

The water park has tubes ready to mist or sprinkle water. Boudiette said it creates a big circle area that people will be able to be inside or outside the tubes and they will be cooled off.

The water park is in the middle of the two festival stages. Streets around the Guthrie Green and Cain's Ballroom will be closed Friday and Saturday for the festival.

There will be more than 32 vendors along the streets that will have food, water, clothing, jewelry, and art. If you want to get closer to the stages there are weekend and day passes you can buy. In total, there will be 70 bands that you can hear over the two days. The outdoor stages will stop at 11 p.m. each night at that point there will be live music inside at the area clubs, restaurants, and bars.

With all the prep work to make sure you are cool, Boudiette said the Brady Arts District was the perfect place to have this outdoor festival.

"People are here in summer, college people are here in summer. It's just availability. People get out. Families like to get out. It's predictable, we know what to expect in July and if people are smart and ready for the heat, it will be a great time," Boudiette said.

With so many bands on the list, Boudiette says there is only one thing to worry about if you drink plenty of water.

"Finding music is not going to be your problem being able to pick who you want to see and see all of it is going to be tough," Boudiette said.

If you need tickets or more information click on the link for Center of the Universe.

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