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TechBits: tech news (06.26.13)

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Some of this week's tech news:

Your wireless Internet is accelerating again.  The new 802.11ac spec has just gotten approval.
It does what all of its predecessors have done- which is boost your data speeds.  There are also some other improvements.  The new standard comes as the average number of wi-fi devices in U.S. households has doubled since 2008.

The video streaming site Ustream says nearly 20,000 weddings have been streamed just in the previous year.  That's up more than 250% from the previous year.  Using online streaming is a smart way to let people enjoy your wedding if they can't make the trip.

The iPhone 5s isn't far off.  The camera is a notable upgrade.
Leaked pictures of the prototype show a dual-flash design that could greatly improve picture quality.
Camera improvements sound minor, but with more people using their phone cameras as their primary camera, it could be a pretty big selling point.

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