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Some Tuscaloosa County commissioners may push for animal shelter changes

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     Tuscaloosa's Metro Animal Shelter reopened this week after being closed two months for renovation.  But at least two county commissioners --Hardy McCullom and Reginald Murray-- say for months they've received complaints about the shelter refusing accept strays from the public.  "That there have been times when there's no one to even take in the animals.  We just need to make sure after all we pay a lot to have that service," said McCullom.

     However, shelter workers tell ABC 33/40 its the first time they've heard an official complaint from anyone.

     A manager at the shelter, Jennifer Earp says she believes the confusion began during the renovation process.   They did close to the public but people were taking animals they found to animal control.  However, control officers had been asked to limit the number of animals they bring in because of a lack of space at the time.

     "It was hard because they were having a lot of animals they needed to bring in.  But, we only had so many cages and it just like we had to do with the public but we can't turn away animal control, " said Earp.

     Despite that explanation -- McCullom says some county leaders plan to meet with members of the shelter's operating board soon to see whether the shelter is operating at its fullest potential.


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