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BA Restaurants Re-Open, Getting Back to Business

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After getting the green light from the city, Broken Arrow restaurants no longer under a water emergency, scrambled to re-open their doors to customers Thursday.

At Stone Mill Barbeque and Steakhouse, the entire operation is a family effort. With most of the Ohman family chipping in around the restaurant, Wednesday's shut-down over water issues left the family worried. "They're all concerned. I've got one server that came up and helped -- my son," said owner, Debbie Ohman.

Now, the Ohmans had a lot of work ahead of them to get things in working order, in time for dinner. "Everything in here will have to be washed again with the sanitizer water and the clean water," Ohman said.

Debbie and her family now have to hustle to get their operation back up and running. With every minute the doors are closed, meaning another minute of money lost. They wasted no time making preparations to get food back on the tables. "We started immediately, as soon as they released it, as soon as I got people back up and we'll be lucky to be back open by 5, but that's what we're going to shoot for."

In the one day the restaurant was closed, Ohman says the steakhouse likely lost around $4,500 in sales. And, it is not just the bottom line she is worried about. The restaurant's servers missed out on a full day of tips -- something they rely on, every day. "You know, they all depend on us. Like I said, they've all been here a long time and they depend on us for a living so it's -- it's tough. A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and it's very hard."

As the Ohman's restaurant that they have built from the ground up approaches its 10th anniversary, they look forward to getting back to business as usual. Debbie says, she has faith in her regular customers that when the doors re-open, they will be back at their usual tables.

"I think they'll be here. As soon as they know we're open, I know they'll be -- we have a really good lunch crowd that -- a lot of regulars there. I know they'll be here tomorrow," she said.

The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce is encouraging 'Take Your Employees to Lunch Day' tomorrow. They are encouraging businesses to allow their employees time to go to lunch in Broken Arrow to support the re-opened restaurants.

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