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May 31 Recipe Shrimp and Grits

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Bellinis Ristorante & Bar
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Recipe Name: Italian Style Shrimp and Grits  
Date: 41424    
Yield: 4 Servings Portion Size:  
Price Charged: 0 cost: $0
cogs: #DIV/0!    
Component name: Sauted Shrimp    
Ingredients Quantity Unit Directions/notes
EVOO 4 Tlbs  
Panchetta 1 Cup Cut into Lardons
Leeks 3.5 Tlbs Medium Diced
Red Onion 3.5 Tlbs Medium Diced
Green Bell Pepper 3.5 Tlbs Medium Diced
U-10 Gulf Shrimp 10 each Peeled and Devined
White Wine 0.5 cup  
Shrimp Stock 1 cup  
Heavy Cream 2 Cup  
Component name: Jalapeno Cheese Grits    
Ingredients Quantity Unit Directions/notes
Chicken stock 1 cup  
Heavy Cream 1 cup  
Grits 0.5 Cup  
Bachemel Sauce 0.5 cup