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Oxford flooding leaves Main St. with damage

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Parts of East Alabama are drying out. A huge deluge dropped 3 to 4 inches of rain in just a short time in the Anniston area.

"I've never seen this much flooding in one particular location," Mike Major, the worship pastor at Life Church in Oxford said. "It looks like it all settled around the Oxford area. I've grown up here for 44 years. I've never seen that much water."
"I've lived here all my life," one woman downtown told us. "I never knew that downtown Oxford had ever flooded before."
The rising water forced Life Church on Main Street to cancel Wednesday services after flood waters damaged their building.
"Water came in the back part of our building - it flooded most of our children's rooms, mostly water damage to the carpet," Majors said.
One of the stores with the most damage is the Cotton Antiques shop. A flood cleanup company spent the evening getting the water out and drying the floors.
"It was overwhelming to see that much water - the store sits up off the road a little bit," Majors said. "They were flooded all the way through from front to back."
Parking lots were filled with water and a white car is half way submerged in flood waters. The area around Oxford High School had quite a bit of flooding as well - the baseball field had so much water you couldn't see it.
"I've never seen that much water come through here," Majors said. "It was pretty surreal."



Thankfully there were no reported injuries. Business owners tell us it will take about two days for the flooring to be cleaned and dried out .


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