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Hoover Library's Passport to the World

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The Hoover Public Library has your Passport to the World.  Today on Talk of Alabama, guest Shanae King talked about what you can expect on April 20, 2013.

From 1-4pm, you can take part in a "seven-continent extravaganza."  The library will highlight two countries from each.  The library newsletter says this is a sample of what you can see and enjoy while there:

AFRICA - KENYA: African animals from Birmingham Zoo
ANTARCTICA: penguin gaming fun
ASIA - KOREA, PAKISTAN: Tai kwon do demo, Sam Taeguk fan, Kang Jung sesame candy, peekaboo pangolin craft, chai tea
AUSTRALIA: boomerang craft
EUROPE - GERMANY, SPAIN: Schultüte construction, castanets and flamenco dance 
NORTH AMERICA - CANADA: Trivial Pursuit & Yahtzee, hockey, maple treats 
SOUTH AMERICA - ARGENTINA: soccer challenge, tango

A number of activities likes Kid Zone, Teen Spot, Plaza, and Theatre  will be located throughout the library.  All ages are welcome.

The big finale is at 3pm with a drum circle by John Scalici in The Library Theatre. 


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