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Matters of Faith Secret Church

Matters of Faith Secret Church

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For most churches there is nothing secret about them.

But at Church at Brook Hills... Secret Church was held.

The Secret Church was simulcast to 60-thousand people around the world.

This is Secret Church... it is really no secret to about 60-thousand people around the world.

It's was simulcast from Church at Brook Hills in Hoover to churches in more than 50 countries around the world and to just about every state in the nation.

David Platt is the Pastor of Church at Brook Hills. He came up with the idea of Secret Church.

He says it actually was born overseas with underground house churches where it's illegal to gather together and worship Christ.

These people could lose everything if they are caught worshiping Christ.

Pastor David Platt says, " They could lose land, be thrown in prison lose lives... risk everything to know Gods word... hours at a time they want to make the most of it.. why don't we have a hunger for Gods word like they have.

That's why he came up with a 6 hour intensive study... this year's topic is heaven , hell and the end of the world.

 David Platt. "It's important to find out what the Bible says about eternity. If we're here for 80, 90 years... At most we got years ahead of that... ......Cant think of questions more important than that. This world is not our ultimate home... That's Transformed the way we live."

The Secret Church started just at Brook Hills and over the years has grown to serve more than 60-thousand.

 The Pastor also says, "We have a hunger for God's word."

You can see the Secret Church on-line at Church at Brook Hills website.

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