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TechBits: April Fool's Day (4.3.13)

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Some well-known spots on the web decided to have a little fun with their users on April Fool's Day.
Google is known for rolling out innovative new technologies- and this year, it's touting Google Nose.  The idea is that you should be able to search for things the same way your dog does- by using your nose.  The site promotes an 'aromabase' with more than 15 million 'scentabytes' of smells.  Google introduced Google Maps 'treasure mode' in which users can help crack the code of old treasure maps encrypted by Captain Kidd..
Nokia unveiled its first microwave oven.  It has features like eye-tracking technology to adjust temperature based on how hungry you look.
Twitter rolled out a two-tiered service.  Paid users get the current service, and free users get 'twttr' in which you only get consonants.  Twitter says no vowels means more room for better tweets.
Netflix showed a silly side by suggesting specific categories for film & TV.  There were categories like 'Movies Featuring An Epic Nicholas Cage Meltdown',  'TV Shows Where Defiantly Crossed Arms Mean Business', and 'Movies That Are English But Still Require Subtitles'.
This is just a small sampling.  Many of the good April Fool's Day pranks are just a Google search away- even if you can't really use your nose.


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