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TechBits: tech news (03.13.13)

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The Tech Guy has a look at some of this week's tech headlines:

Samsung is set to release the Galaxy S4.  It replaces the S3, which is less than one year old.  The new phone may have an 8-core processor, and an eye detection system that can sense when you;ve reached the bottom of a page, and automatically scroll up.

Photos of iPhone prototypes have been leaked out- they show a device more the size of a tablet.  It has hard-wired ports for use in testing.

A Japanese researcher has figured out you can burn calories- though not many- by clicking your mouse.  Contracting your index finger uses about 1.4 calories.  However, that's for a full contraction.  Most people barely contract their fingers in a mouse click, so they would need to do lots of clicking to see any benefit.

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