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Services Back to Normal at Claremore Water Treatment Plant

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City officials announced Tuesday morning that water service was back to normal after a fire took place at a water treatment plant.

Cassie Woods with the city told that there was a small grass fire at the plant after a transformer blew around 3:30 p.m. Monday. She said the fire was contained to the area where the grass caught fire but burned several underground wires.

While there was no damage to the plant and surrounding buildings, the wires had to be pulled up and replaced after the fire was contained. Crews spent all night replacing the wires.

On Monday residents were asked to conserve water due to the treatment plant being shut off following the fire.

Woods said that just after 12:15 Tuesday morning crews were able to turn the water at the plant back on. She also said that the water in the towers was back to normal levels just before noon.

Work at the treatment plant has continued as usual.

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