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Bixby Growth Concerns Residents Worried About Traffic

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The city of Bixby could see more homes and more business, if the city approves a new development. This would include rezoning 92 acres at 121st and Memorial, from agricultural use to commercial. 

Neighboring residents have not rolled out the red carpet. They are used to seeing a grassy field, on what could soon be home to several new businesses.

We spoke to one neighbor of the housing addition, Fox Hollow.  Eric Thieman has lived there for 8 years. "We figured it would all be zoned residential. That's what we were led to believe. That's one reason we moved into this neighborhood because we thought it would be residential like this neighborhood," he explained.

Bixby has grown by more than 50-percent since 2000. The property at 121st and Memorial has become a lot more valuable. Now the only concern is what will go there.

The city planner of Bixby says developing the land would be a good thing for the city, creating more homes and more sales tax revenues.  "Bixby is well known as a high growth community. We have seen phenomenal high growth rates, especially in the past ten, twenty years. It is how we grow the community," said Erik Enyart, City Planner.

The owners of the property would like to develop a mixed use area including businesses, apartments and homes. An assisted living center would also be part of the plan.

But neighbors around there are concerned, the peaceful plot of land will become a traffic magnet, destroying the tranquility they have known so long.

"And we are concerned with our long term property values here. I mean there are nice neighborhoods all around and depending on what gets put in there it could devalue the properties," said Thieman.

So far the initiative has support from city hall. City councilors will make the final decisions.

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