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Saving Money

Saving Money

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We all know money goes fast!

How can you put a few more dollars back in your pocket by the end of the week?

Catherine Brown is a financial planning expert... and she tells us... slowing down and paying attention to what you spend can help you recognize ways to cut back.

For example... how many times do you go to a convenience store or a vending machine for drinks?

Catherine Brown says, she had a client who was hooked on Dr. Pepper. She was spending 1500 dollars a year just on Dr. Pepper.

Catherine Brown says... instead... she suggested the woman purchase the Dr. Pepper in bulk and she saved about 600 dollars a year.

Another example is water... some vending machines sell it for 1.25.... say you have two bottles a day... five days a week... that's 600 dollars a year!

Bring your own bottle and fill it up instead.

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