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Severe Weather Awareness Week

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Ready or not, severe weather can strike at any time. But state leaders want to give people a chance to prepare for any disaster. That's why Governor Bentley has named this week "Severe Weather Awareness Week".

Every day this week.. The National Weather Service will be sending out public information statements on a severe weather topic from lighting awareness to tornadoes and flash flooding. Its goal is simply to heighten awareness because now is the time to prepare.

The National Weather Service -- hitting home on an important message. NWS Meteorologist Mary Keiser says "The main thread we want to push this week is to not only be aware and have a plan, but to have more than one way of receiving your watches and warnings."

Because when severe weather strikes anything can happen. Keiser says "A weather radio is a good thing to have and also smart phone apps, but in the case of April 27th, some smart phone apps didn't work when cell phone towers got damaged, so multiple ways of receiving warnings is the best plan."

The plan this week is tell you more about severe weather topics. Public information statements will go out every day. Monday focuses on Severe Thunderstorms, Tuesday covers lightning awareness and Wednesday tornadoes. "We are doing a special weekly test at 9:00 a.m. instead this week and we highly suggest that's the perfect time for folks to practice their severe weather awareness plans."

Thursday information about Flash floods will go out and Friday's focus is on the Noah all hazards weather radio. This week, we're also reminding you to have a safety kit. Meteorologist Ashley Brand says " Shoes, a lot of people don't think about that. If something happens, you don't want to step on things that might have been broken. An air horn. We've really started talking about that recently because if it's dark, if something happens at night, and you need to be rescued, somebody could easily hear that. Medications, I think a change of clothes, socks. Just those basic things that you might need for a day or two to get by.

And Ashley reminds us that during a severe weather situation always take cover in an interior room on the lowest floor, away from windows. This coming weekend you can buy severe weather preparation items like weather radios and cell phone chargers.. tax free.

You can find a complete list at

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